Shin Somatics

shinsomatic-mainWhat is Eastwest Shin Somatics®?

Shin Somatics® is a form of bodywork that combines both eastern and western approaches to dance and movement. At the heart of this practice is a basic belief in the healing power of aesthetically derived movement. The goal of Shin Somatics® is to create space, ease and possibility for the student/client through the exploration of simple, gentle and organic movement sequences done lying down, sitting, standing or moving.

Shin Somatics® is the registered service mark of Eastwest Somatics Institute for Yoga, Dance and Movement Studies. Shin is a Zen word that means center, heart, body, mind, and tree trunk. The techniques of Shin Somatics® develop the healing potentials of movement.

Lani Weissbach is a certified Shin Somatics® practitioner and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME) with ISMETA. There is a wide range of possibilities for the application of this work: From private, individual bodywork sessions to any number of group situations, this work is very flexible and can be a supplemental course of study to many disciplines (such as dance, theater, nursing, pre-med and music performance).

If you are interested in a private or group session with Lani, please send an e-mail.

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